Why I Chopped Off My Hair

Ronique Short Hair

Women cut their hair everyday. And yet, I bet most of those women felt they had participated in some new, revolutionary act that had never been done before. One hand pressed against heart’s center, and the other with a fist full of newly chopped locs held in the air. That’s what the process felt like for me. Cutting my hair was my personal mini-revolution, and as overplayed as that sounds, I’ll accept that it was my story.

Cutting my hair extremely short is something I always wanted to do in this lifetime, but I put it off into some distant future not thinking I would ever be ready to be that woman. Who is that woman, exactly? I don’t truly know, but as a society we collectively make assumptions about short-haired women and the things they might have been going through that drove them into the barber’s chair. I didn’t feel ready for the types of stories that might’ve been created about me centered on this new image.

I also felt the need to upkeep the Ronique, girl with the longish, thick natural hair persona. That’s who I’d been for most of my young adulthood. And while I was personally comfortable with exploring ‘nearly bald-head’ Ronique,  I wasn’t sure others around me would feel the same. I wanted to make them comfortable with the ‘routine’ of me, though internally I was changing and maturing. Blooming.

Ronique Smile Photoshoot
Photography by Tonjanika Smith

But over a build up of a few days, I felt a strong conviction which quieted all the external noise (which was mostly in my own head, by the way). I needed to experience how walking this earth as a slightly, but noticeably different external version of myself might impact me internally. I could no longer deny myself that opportunity for self-exploration. I had to cut it…

Stay tuned for Part 2: What I’ve learned since cutting my hair!

Are you thinking about cutting your hair? Or have done so in the past? How did you feel leading up to the plunge? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey there,very relatable topic. I had it chopped as a child (around 10 years old), shaved right down to barely there. Not my choice, don’t think it helped an already boyish girl exude confidence (I wore a baseball hat any chance I got to cover it). Now, as a grown up (well, sort of… sometimes) I have done the ‘chop’ by choice about ten years ago, as I finally went from relaxed hair to natural hair. And yes, I did feel like I was part of a revolution… extremely liberating. Haven’t looked back since. Viva revolution! (too much? Yeah that last bit was a little out there… *shrugs shoulders *

    1. Hello fellow “grown-up…sort of…sometimes” ??. I too chopped my hair to go natural, but never such a big chop as this. It’s awesome how changing our hair can revolutionize how we think about beauty and ourselves. To that, I say Viva la revolución!

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