5 Tips for the Introverted Traveler

I’m the kind of introvert who loves learning about new cultures. (African Studies minor, wassup)! Being intentional about traveling abroad to experience unique cultures beyond the books has added a dimension to my life that is so filling. (And it helps that I’ve got a cute travel partner, too). But even across oceans, my #quietquirks aren’t far behind. In fact, they’re right there with me next to the sunscreen and behind the passport. Yes, being an introverted traveler has its challenges, but done on our own terms, traveling is not only plain fun, but it evolves us in ways we didn’t know imaginable.

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How I Found the Courage to Speak up to my Boss

It would be easy enough to blame it on my childhood. How I grew up under the (loving) dictatorship of a Jamaican mom who told us that “talking back” would have us taken out of this world by the very person who brought us in it: her. #GrowingUpCaribbean #GrowingUpBlack

Either way, this notion of speaking up to authority, airing out grievances, as something I could do – would have to do – seemed impossible up until a few weeks ago when I slipped on my big girl panties for one of the first times in 2016 and confronted somebody.

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